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The sun was setting in the horizon, casting an orange hue across the beach. A couple of beers had relaxed Sultry and her partner, and now they were enjoying the sand between their toes as they made out passionately. Sultry had on a tiny bikini, and her partner was in just his briefs. The two were so into each other, their movements becoming more and more frantic as their desire built. Suddenly, Sultry grabbed her partner's hands and pushed them apart, guiding them into a doggy-style position. She then took her own place at the bottom of the sand dune, and the two went at it with a ferocity that was almost impossible to watch. Every thrust of Sultry's hips was met with a matching one from her partner, and the two of them groaned and grunted in unison as their passion reached its peak. After what seemed like hours of unbridled passion, Sultry and her partner finally collapsed onto the beach, both of them exhausted and completely satisfied.

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