Smashing Outdoors in Public Park on a Sunny Day – A Sexual Adventure in Public Places


It was a sunny day in the public park and a couple was having a picnic. Suddenly, the man noticed his wife was getting a little too comfortable with the situation. She was blushing and looking away, but her breathing was faster and her eyes were shining with excitement. He knew what she was about to do before he even thought it. She stood up, took off her top and bra, and started to sway her hips to the music coming from the nearby boombox. The man was surprised but also aroused. His wife then turned around and spread her legs. A young man and woman were having sex in the open, in full view of the park-goers. They were both so into it that they didn't seem to care that people were watching them. It was obvious that they were experienced in the art of hot porking. The man and woman were in a hot, passionate embrace, and it was obvious that they were both feeling the same thing - the feeling of being carefree and alive in the moment.

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